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Pre Hospital

FAST Campaigns

FAST awareness in the community is a major priority for the National Stroke Network and thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Health, the New Zealand Stroke Foundation and the Health Promotion Agency another campaign to raise awareness will be run in 2020.  The first campaign ran in 2016, with a subsequent one in 2017 and 2018.

The importance of recognising the signs and symptoms of a stroke and acting FAST in order to reach hospital without delay, can significantly improve the outcome following stroke.  

An evaluation of the 'Impact of the national public 'FAST' campaigns' has been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal here.

To order New Zealand FAST awareness resources contact the New Zealand Stroke Foundation.

Acute Stroke Destination Policies 

Four  Regional Acute Stroke Destination Policies that have been developed for New Zealand by the National Stroke Network and the ambulance sector.    More...

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