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Ministry Of Health indicators for Stroke

Stroke benchmarks are set by the Ministry of Health based on guidance by the National Stroke Network.

There are four indicators or expectations to be met by DHB  providers for stroke care. These are adjusted over time and are based on best practice.  Each DHB submits quarterly reports to the Ministry of Health on their progress meeting these indicators.  

Quality Indicators (QIs)

Are standardized, evidence-based measures of health care quality that can be used with readily available hospital inpatient administrative data to measure and track clinical performance and outcomes.

Stroke Indicators 

Acute Stroke Unit: Number of acute stroke patients admitted to a stroke unit or organised stroke service with a demonstrated stroke pathway within 24 hours of presentation to hospital - Target 80%.

Reperfusion - Thrombolysis / Stroke Clot Retrieval:  Number of patients with ischaemic stroke thrombolysed and/or treated with clot retrieval and counted by DHB domicile.  Service provision 24/7.  Target 12%.

Inpatient rehabilitation:  Number of patients admitted with acute stroke who are transferred to inpatient rehabilitation services  within 7 days of acute admission.  Target 80%.

Community rehabilitation:  Number of stroke patients referred for community rehabilitation are seen face to face by a member of the community rehabilitation team within 7 calendar days of hospital discharge.  Target 60%.  




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