Telehealth for Stroke Rehabilitation

The COVID-19 crisis has necessitated a new way of working for many of us.  Health professionals and academics across New Zealand and Australia have pulled together some useful and practical resources to help stroke teams implement TeleRehabilitation.  These resources are designed to give clinicians practical advice and references for how to deliver the best care for people with stroke.

What is TeleRehab?

Why should I consider using TeleRehab?

How can TeleRehab be delivered?

How to set up a successful TeleRehab session?

Information for patients and carers

The documents below provide a range of suggestions to optimise communication, engagement and therapeutic relationships in telerehabilitation.  They are designed to be living documents - if you have areas that haven't been addressed or resources you think could be incorporated, please contact

Facilitating good communication in TeleRehabilitation
Things to consider within the session
Clients with communication issues
Clients with cognitive issues

Working with Interpreters
Working with Maori

Assessment and therapy tools and resources for therapists 

View online webinars and forums related to TeleRehab

Useful links: 
     - NZ Telehealth Resource Centre


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