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Resources for stroke

The following resources have been developed by the National Stroke Network and its specialist working groups, clinical experts and research academics.
Find a resource relevant to you!  If you have resources you wish to share with the stroke network community please get in touch:

Pre Hospital

FAST Awareness and Resources
Ambulance Destination Policies
Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)

Hyperacute Stroke

Clot Retrieval Reperfusion

Acute Stroke

Stroke Unit Care
Swallow assessment
Thrombolysis Reperfusion
Acute Stroke Nurse Guideline


           Stroke Rehabilitation Action Plan
                -  Action Plan infographic (1)
                - Action Plan infographic (2)
           A Strategy for Stroke Rehabilitation
           Managing Transitions Infographic

Stroke Nurse Resources
Telehealth Resources for stroke teams
Self Management Resources
Goodfellow Webinars:
  • Atrial fibrillation awareness In this Goodfellow Unit webinar, Cardiologist Dr Guy Armstrong discusses how primary care can detect, diagnosis, manage, and potentially prevent this important condition.
  • Stroke and TIA clinical update Professor Alan Barber and Professor Valery Feigin present clinical updates on stroke and TIA, and look at some relevant clinical cases. They also present on the Auckland Regional Community Outcomes of Stroke (ARCOS) studies that have helped our understanding of stroke.
  • Stop the clot! AF and stroke prevention In this Goodfellow webinar, Cardiologist Dr Ralph Stewart will discuss managing atrial fibrillation in primary care.
American Heart Association Lifelong Learning. See here
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