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Content generated in a Flightdec website can be targeted, published and displayed through the internet to other websites for much more visibility and reach. Content received and displayed in other peoples’ website pages will always be topic relevant and highly likely to deliver interested visitors back to your website. By sending out to appropriate groups and topics, you direct the content to where it’s relevant for the viewer. In a sense, you're also able to manage the architecture of your content, even as it's received in other people's websites.

What's more, even if you change or delete your page content, it instantly changes or deletes where its displayed in all other websites. That means an end to unmanaged external copy and the curse of broken page links.

Numbers of websites in groups might be large or small and be ones you can do business with, or contain websites belonging to members of an association or community you are part of, or interested in.

It’s now worth the effort

It’s noteworthy that websites are by-and-large unloved and under-attended by their owners and a website’s potential goes unrecognised. Its rather akin to a bicycle that's not peddled consistently - it lacks motion and balance.

With the ability of a Flightdec website to publish content beyond the confines of just one website, website owners witness the true power of the internet and become much more motivated to put in the effort. Now, for example, a resources page or article is worth writing for a website in the sure knowledge it will appear in numerous other websites, attracting much more attention and delivering many tangible benefits.

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