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National Stroke Research Projects

New Zealand health professionals actively lead and participate in stroke research projects.  Here are some details and information about current research projects.

REGIONS Care (2018) - Reducing Ethnic and Geographic Inequity to Optimise New Zealand Stroke Care

Understanding 'who you are' and what is important to you in stroke rehabilitation - University of Otago

Northern Region Stroke Rehabilitation Research

ARCOS V:  Auckland Regional Community Stroke Study
ASAP:  Assessment of Sensation in the Adult Population
MAST:  Mindfulness Training for People after Stroke
TWIST:  Time to Walking Independently after Stroke
PROMISE:  Proportional Recovery of Movement & Sensation after Stroke
RELIEF:  Clinical feasibility, usability, and acceptance of the Re-Link Gait Trainer in sub-acute stroke rehabilitation
PicaSSo:  Pilot for improving cognition after stroke study
FASTER:  Fatigue After Stroke Educational Recovery Programme
RAPAS:  Remote Assessments for People After Stroke

New Zealand Neurology Research Reviews

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