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Midland Stroke Network

Chair: Dr Mohana Maddula

Project Manager, Healthshare: Kirstin Pereira

The Midland Stroke Network was established in August 2012 and meets monthly via teleconference with a quarterly meeting held face to face.  Members of the network include representatives of senior clinicians, primary care, allied health, Maori health, stroke nurses and managers.

The network’s focus is on the following;

  • community and inpatient rehabilitation services
  • reducing the incidence of stroke through the management of Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA)
  • improving access to thrombolysis and stroke clot retrieval treatments
  • Maori consumers and their whanau’s experience of care.

For more information about the Midland Region Stroke Network contact Kirstin Pereira (Project Manager, Regional Service Planning, Healthshare Ltd).

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